Neogreen welcomes dealers, distributors across the world to take part in green revolution. Please use the contact us page to submit your applications!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Neogreen

Neogreen is CIPET tested and has the authority to manufacture compostable bags aka. bio degradable bags in India

2. What are the raw materials used

Neogreen chooses raw materials that are 100% natural and compostable aka. bio degradable. For instance, we use Starch, PLA/PBAT as key ingredients

3. Where is Neogreen

Neogreen is located in Tamil Nadu, India. Our business operations extend to many parts of India. And we are open to export as well

4. Are the raw materials certified

Yes, it is. Our raw materials are in guidelines with CPCB and our vendor is registered in CPCB as well

5. Company polices

Neogreen accepts orders from anywhere and process such orders against PO raised. All the orders are billed under GST and transported to anywhere

6. How to become a dealer

Neogreen accepts dealers and distributors across the country. We can discuss with potential dealers and assign regions accordingly

7. Need Samples?

Neogreen is happy to help a buyer understand what we really do. If a buyer needs sample before making the main course, we shall send our business profile, samples to the buyer

8. Order Processing time

It depends on numerous factors like pending orders, order quantity! Neogreen is committed to fulfill buyer’s orders as soon as possible with a good pre and post sales support

9. Who is Astro Enterprises

Astro Enterprises is our Mother Company. Neogreen looks after sales and marketing division while the Astro Enterprises do the production

10. Can I visit Neogreen Plant

Yes, with pleasure. Neogreen has an open minded business program. Buyers who wish to visit our plant are readily welcomed