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Neogreen – Bio Degradable Bags Manufacturer

Bio degradable bags are the savior of today’s harm environment. Neogreen is committed to manufacture compostable bags (bio degradable bags) under ambient conditions. Neogreen branded compostable bags emit 0% Carbon and is bio degradable. Please go through the list of products that we manufacture and sell.

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ISO Certified

Neo Green is ISO Certified Company. Our products `{`Compostable bags`}` are govt. of India approved and CIPET tested

Registered Brand

Neo Green is registered under Trademark Intellectual Property of India.


Neo Green produces High Quality bags with good durability and weight carrying capacity

Why US


Neo Green uses only Natural raw materials to produce compostable products



Entire compostable bag degrades 16 months



Compostable bags leave no residue when burn



Won't pollute even dissolved in water or burnt

Neo Green is Certified?

We have CPCB Certicate tested from CIPET to manufacture and sell compostable bags

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What are the
Raw Materials used?

All the raw materials used in manufacturing Compostable bags are of natural or naturally processed.

Eco Friendly

100% Natural

0% Toxic

No Emission

PBAT Based

[PBAT] Polymer is the most accepted Bio degradable raw material elsewhere. We make use of High Grade polymers to manufacture bags.

PLA Based

Poly Lactic Acid is what makes the bag compostable and blend in with Starch to provide the perfect eco friendly product.


Starch is arrived from all the natural vegetables such as Potato, Corn, Rice.
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Est. 2019

First Plant is established on 2019

2019 Q2

Will employ dealers and distributors

2019 Q4

Will establish more markets across India