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Compostable Bags - MANUFACTURER and SELLER

Plastic Kills more than a Billion Species Every Year

Say NO to Plastics

We, at Neogreen Bio Product manufacture and sell Virgin Quality Compostable bags [aka Bio Degradable Bags] of High Quality, that serves as the best replacement for plastics. Compostable Bags aka Bio Degradable bags is the only genuine replacement for conventional Plastic Bags.

Neogreen manufactures a wide varieties of Bio Degradable or Green products made of Corn Starch and PLA

- Grocery Bags

- Textile Bags

- Shopping Bags

- Sambar Bags

- PLA Coated Paper Cups

- PLA Coated Paper Bags and Boxes

Neogreen Bio Product

be wise and Choose Quality Over Quantity

Imagine a Scenario like this and decide for yourself

Let's take perfectly priced bags on one side and ridiculously low priced on the other side

Perfectly Price Compostable Bags = 300 pieces per KG

Ridiculously Low Price Bags = 375 pieces per KG

Endurance and Tear Test will show you 300 out of 300 Good Quality Bags in case of Perfectly Priced Bags

and Over a 100 Torn bags of Low Quality from Ridiculously Low Priced bags

Bottom line is, its not the price or quantity that makes the best bags its the Quality and the Brand that make it

Buy Neogreen Compostable Bags one time and you won't regret it. Be the change

Price per KG - 240 [MARCH]

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